Make American Girl Doll Jewelry: 3 Ways

There are so many ways to make fun accessories for your dolls!

Remember this Tulle & Pearl necklace tutorial? That was a fun necklace to make.

Today I want to show you 3 other accessories that you can make for your dolls. First, this cute bracelet is made with very small buttons. Mix & match colors, do a rainbow, or how about the popular ombre color method? Get the how-to from American Girl Fan
American Girl doll button bracelet

Next up is this adorable little ring from AG Doll Play.
American Girl doll ring
Here’s a video tutorial for making these rubber band loom bracelets that are SOOOO popular. My little Pussycat (what I call Miss M) loves to make these things! Note that the video is actually a how-to for making a doll rubber band bracelet loom, but at about 1:20 into the video, she shows you how to make this bracelet using the doll’s fingers!!! That’s right! Mmm hmm.
Courtesy of My Froggy Stuff. Yay!American Girl doll rubber band loom bracelet

So will you give these a try? Know of some other cute doll jewelry tutorials? Share! (Thanks)


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