Mini Christmas Stocking Garland

Free tutorial and template gar

These little doll size stockings are so cute!

What a great way to use up some fabric scraps or make them with felt.

Make several to make a garland for your doll house, or make individually to hang or give as gifts.

Get the instructions here via Tatertots and Jello


Let’s Make a Halloween Necklace for American Girl Dolls

Want to make this cute Halloween-themed bead and tassel necklace for your doll?

DIY American Girl doll necklace for HalloweenI got the idea for this necklace from this post on A Pretty Cool Life. To make it doll-sized, here’s what I did:

DIY American Girl doll necklace for HalloweenFor supplies, I used
– Elastic jewelry cording
– Floss
– Beads
– A piece of cardboard (to make the tassel)
– Scissors (not shown)
I followed the tutorial with a few changes to scale it down to doll size.

Here’s how:

  • Cut a piece of elastic cording about 12″
  • Make the tassel with floss (instead of yarn, which is too thick)
  • I used a piece of cardboard about 2-1/4″ inches long and wrapped the floss about 25 times to make the tassel.
  • String the beads and tie the tassel onto the elastic cording
  • Wrap the necklace around the doll’s neck to hang at the right length
  • Tie off the elastic in the back; cut off excess.
  • Before I cut the elastic I made sure the finished piece would stretch over the doll’s head

DIY American Girl doll necklace for Halloween

And that’s it. Super easy and super cute!

You could make this in any color combination you want. I used orange, purple and black for Halloween, but you could change this up to match any outfit or theme.

A Pretty Cool Life –  DIY Halloween Tassel & Charm Necklaces


Candy Corn Dress – Free Halloween Doll Craft & Pattern

Want to make a cute Candy Corn dress for your American Girl Doll?

American girl doll candy corn dress halloween doll costume

You can make this simple, but cute, Halloween-themed candy corn dress for your dolls with a t-shirt pattern. You can use a pattern you already have, or use this one. Over at Pixie Faire, they’ve provided a full tutorial on how to make this dress (they call it a “quick” craft).

I’m keeping this tutorial to make later. I have several projects I’m working on sewing right now, so this dress will have to wait. Stay tuned to see some new outfits soon!

Candy Corn Dress Tutorial by Pixie Faire
Trendy T-Shirt Pattern by Pixie Faire

Now I’m going to have to go out and get some candy corn!! Love the stuff (especially the ones with the chocolate mixed in).



Make American Girl Doll Jewelry: 3 Ways

There are so many ways to make fun accessories for your dolls!

Remember this Tulle & Pearl necklace tutorial? That was a fun necklace to make.

Today I want to show you 3 other accessories that you can make for your dolls. First, this cute bracelet is made with very small buttons. Mix & match colors, do a rainbow, or how about the popular ombre color method? Get the how-to from American Girl Fan
American Girl doll button bracelet

Next up is this adorable little ring from AG Doll Play.
American Girl doll ring
Here’s a video tutorial for making these rubber band loom bracelets that are SOOOO popular. My little Pussycat (what I call Miss M) loves to make these things! Note that the video is actually a how-to for making a doll rubber band bracelet loom, but at about 1:20 into the video, she shows you how to make this bracelet using the doll’s fingers!!! That’s right! Mmm hmm.
Courtesy of My Froggy Stuff. Yay!American Girl doll rubber band loom bracelet

So will you give these a try? Know of some other cute doll jewelry tutorials? Share! (Thanks)


Make a Doll Sun Visor – Pattern Included

Want to make a cute sun visor for your American Girl doll?

American Girl doll sun visor tutorial with free patternOver at Camp Doll Diaries, Anna shows us how to make this visor using craft foam. She includes complete instructions and even a free pattern.
Fun enough, but you can even personalize it any way you like with more foam shapes, buttons, stickers, jewels, flowers, or anything you like.

Want to make one? Head over to Camp Doll Diaries – and let us see what you made!


Designing for Dolls: Jeans Pant Leg to Doll Skirt

Here is a quick, easy way to make a skirt for your dolls. American Girl doll skirt

Using the pant leg from an old pair of jeans (these were adult women’s size), you can make a skirt for your doll in less than 30 minutes!

Here are the steps:

Measure the length you want the skirt to be on your doll and add about 3/4″ for the casing. You’ll use the existing hem.American Girl doll skirt

  • Fold over the raw edge about 1/4″ , press; fold over another 1/2″; press. Then sew around this edge to make a casing for your elastic. Make sure to leave an opening of about 1″ so you can insert the elastic.American Girl doll skirt
  • Measure your doll’s waist and subtract about 3/4″. Cut your elastic to this measurement plus 1/2″ (use either 1/4″ or 3/8″ elastic). Make a mark on the elastic where your actual measurement ends so you’ll know where to cut it off after you’ve sewn it in.
  • Attach safety pins to each end of the elastic. Run the elastic through the casing; sew the opening shut; trim off the excess ends of the elastic.American Girl doll skirt

You’re done!

I added the little butterfly on to the front. It’s made of sticky crystals, which are then heat set. You can do so many other things to personalize this skirt:

  • add rick rack
  • add a fancy trim or lace to the hem
  • add an applique
  • belt it
  • sew a design in contrasting thread

What are your ideas?


Designing for Dolls: How to Make a Bow-Sleeve Tee & Free Pattern

In Designing for Dolls/Part 1 we looked at 5 ways to customize your doll clothes. This included actually customizing your fabric with glue resist and paint.
In Designing for Dolls/Part 2 we looked at 3 more ways.

Today, I would like to share a simple way to customize a basic tee. This tutorial, from Pixie Faire, shows you how to take the Liberty Jane Trendy T-Shirt pattern and add a cute little bow sleeve. This is a quick and easy way to make your plain t-shirt into something with a little more interest and character.

American Girl doll bow sleeve t-shirt
Is this something you think you would like to try? Here are the links:
Tutorial: How to Make a Bow Sleeve Tee
Free pattern for the Liberty Jane
Trendy T-Shirt
Pixie Faire