Free Doll Clothes Patterns & Back to School Outfit

In a recent post, I provided a link to some great free patterns.

American Girl doll outfit back to school

One of my followers left me a comment in that post reminding me of some other free patterns. American Girl doll dress patternsThese are a set of patterns originally provided by The Pleasant Company. I’m sure most of you who sew for dolls probably have these but I thought I would post it anyway just in case you don’t.

(By the way, thanks to AG Playthings for providing these.)

The nice thing about these is that they can be used as they are or adapted. For example, I used the Molly blouse pattern for the  Oscar de la Renta-inspired outfit shown here.

American Girl doll Molly blouse

For the back-to-school outfit, I used the same pattern, but I rounded the pointed collar to make it into a Peter Pan collar. I cut the front placket shorter and added a ruffle to either side. I also made covered buttons to match the skirt.
The other thing I did was to use a straight sleeve instead of the puffy one that came with the pattern. I thought the straight sleeve gave it a more modern look. Here is the result:

American Girl doll blouse back to school

So this is just one example of how you can use these patterns, or any existing pattern, to give it a totally different look.

Are your girls getting ready to go back to school? Also, thanks to Brenda & Sophie from The Savage Dolls for the reminder. This is why I love comments. 🙂

Edit: Just to make it easier for everyone, here are the links to both sets of patterns:


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