Latest Outfit – “Mina”

Icy blue and so, so soft! Ready for a special occasion!

American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
For this dress, I used a super soft velvet-like fabric. It is very pretty and very soft but a nightmare to work with! Slippery and constantly curling at the edges. But it was worth it. I then added a couple of layers of tulle.
There are two little tulle rosettes on the bodice with little crystals in the center.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
The out fit includes a shawl which can also double as a scarf. Just a little something to throw over her shoulders.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf

American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
I also made a beret from the same fabric. It is lined and also has a tulle rosette & ribbon to match the dress.
Last, but not least, I made the little pumps using a non-woven fabric that I died to match the color of the dress. Three little crystals adorn the toes of the shoes.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
I think Mina is lovely.

If you’re interested, it’s in my shop – here.


Outfits for American Girl Dolls: “The Anne” Overalls with T- Shirt & Necklace

Available first to Doll Things readers:

American Girl doll clothes
I am planning to open an online store in the near future and will offer my handmade items for sale.
But first – I am offering the exclusive opportunity to purchase this outfit to my Doll Things readers.

“The Anne” outfit includes:

  • Tie-dyed shortalls (short overalls). The shorts feature cuffs that are sewn down so they don’t come unrolled. Straps cross in the back and are attached in front with Velcro. The fun flower-shaped buttons are non-working.American Girl doll clothesAmerican Girl doll clothes
  • Custom tie-died (by me) long-sleeve cotton t-shirt. Shirt closes in the back with Velcro, and can be worn with many other outfits due to the mixture of colors.American Girl doll clothes
  • Peace sign pendant necklace. The metal pendant is attached to a satin ribbon which ties in the back.American Girl doll clothes
  • Optional strappy green sandals. Cute cute! The straps cross in the front and use a small piece of Velcro to hold. Flower-shaped beads dress up the front of the sandals. (Note: the beads are glued on well, but will probably come off if pulled on hard enough. Not recommended for very small children)American Girl doll clothes doll sandals doll shoes

    All items are designed and handmade by me (except the peace sign pendant) and this outfit is one of a kind.
    Due to the small parts of this outfit, it is not recommended for small children

Doll not included.

If you are interested in purchasing the outfit, please contact me via email at:
dawnnewsome at yahoo .com, or leave a comment.. Shipping costs will vary, but should be less than $4 (to US). I can accept payment via Paypal at this time.

The outfit is for sale to any Doll Things reader for a short period of time, then if it’s not sold, I will offer it for sale to the public.

Please tell me what you think!  This is my first “for sale” item, guys.

Edit: This outfit is now for sale in my Etsy shop!


Designing for Dolls: Brooke

This is an outfit I made recently – three pieces plus shoes

American Girl doll clothes

.American Girl doll clothes

It consists of a hat, tunic top, capris and shoes. The hat was made from Molly’s rain hat pattern, found here. It’s not lined, just fabric and I added the ribbon and flower. It was the first time I’ve made a hat. It actually didn’t turn out too badly.

American Girl doll clothes

The tunic top is a basic bodice and I added the contrasting panel in the front and contrasting cuffs to the sleeves. The front panel just doesn’t want to lay right for some reason.

The shoes are my favorite part of the outfit. I used an old purse for them and I’m not sure whether they are real leather or not. The material performed like leather – very soft leather. I’m happy with the way they turned out. I made my own pattern for these.American Girl doll clothes

So here’s Brooke modeling the outfit for us.

American Girl doll clothesI’m working on some things that I can sell and I would love your opinions. Please come back and I will have some things to show you!


Cute American Girl Doll Shoes

I just love doll shoes! Well, who doesn’t?

I have attempted to make doll shoes and some have turned out better than others. My favorite part is the design of the shoes and figuring out how it all goes together. I admit I’m better at this part than I am at the actual execution of the shoes.

In yesterday’s post about the reversible hooded vest, you may have noticed the little shoes that our girl was wearing. They are little kitty cats.
American Girl doll shoes I think they’re very cute but they were a LOT of work. I’m trying to come up with some shoes that I can sell and one of the things to consider is the amount of time it takes to make a pair of shoes. (Not counting the time it takes to come up with the design).

These took a lot of time. The kitties’ faces are hand embroidered and it wasn’t that easy. And they don’t look that great. Even if my embroidery skills improved I would have to price them too high. So, I won’t be selling this particular shoe. 🙂American Girl doll shoes

Lucky for us there are plenty of great sources for purchasing American Girl doll shoes that will also fit other 18″ dolls.

Keep in mind when you’re buying doll shoes that some are hand made and some are mass produced. Both are fine and your criteria for purchasing could be different depending on several things, including whether it’s for a child or an adult collector; whether you want a one-of-a kind shoe; a shoe that can be worn with multiple outits; your budget; etc.

Here are just three examples of some flats that can be purchased:

Lady Bug Ballet Flats on Etsy – $12.00
Handmade by My Doll Clothing Co. This store has over 100 pairs of shoes & boots from $8 to $16

Houndstooth Ballet Flats from Sophia’s – $6.45.
These are mass-produced, but reasonably priced.

Gold Glitter Slip On at The Queen’s Treasures – $9.99
Another mass-produced shoe, but these also come with a box.

American Girl doll shoes             American Girl doll shoesAmerican Girl Doll Shoes

Note: I can’t vouch for how well any of these are made. I am also not endorsing or recommending these shoes; they are merely shown as examples of what’s out there.

Here are a few pairs off the shoes I’ve made; like I said, some are better than others, but they were all fun to make!

American Girl doll shoes

American Girl doll shoesAmerican Girl doll shoesAmerican Girl doll shoes
Which one’s are your favorites?


Designing for Dolls: The Emma Dress

American Girl Doll Dress

I had fun with this dress. I am trying to use up some of the fabric that I have been collecting for quite a while. I try not to buy anything new that I don’t have to. This presents quite a challenge! I do, of course, have to replace my glue sticks, Velcro, and things like that, but otherwise, I try to use or make do with what I already have.

This dress is from fabrics from my stash. It features a halter top and contrasting waist and hem. The little flower at the waist is felt and is pinned on so it can come off when the dress needs to be washed.
The dress closes in the back with two snaps.American Girl Doll Dress

The headband is a girl’s headband that I cut off and I made the little chick out of felt.

American Girl Doll Dress

The little chick is made of felt.

The shoes were actually black vinyl that I painted yellow. This goes back to using what I have. I wanted yellow or orange sandals, but I didn’t have vinyl in either. So I wondered what it would look like to paint the black vinyl I already had. It took about 5 coats, but you can see that they look quite yellow and they did not get stiff like I thought they might from the paint.

Tip: After painting the vinyl yellow, the finish was very flat. So I buffed it (called burnishing) with a piece of felt and it “polished” right up. Here’s “Emma”.

American Girl Doll Dress American Girl Doll Dress


Easy Bandanna Dress

Here is a super easy dress you can make for your American Girl doll using a bandanna.
Actually, half a bandanna!American girl doll bandanna dress

My bandanna was quite large (about 19 or 20″) so I cut it in half. I wanted to use the existing hem so I measured for the length based on that.

I made a simple casing to run the ribbon through at the neckline.

I also cut an opening for the arm holes, turned and hemmed them.

I ended up with my seam in the front. I would normally sew a seam up the back but most of the pretty pattern on the bandanna would not have shown.
That’s why you see the ribbon down the front – it hides the seam.

The dress closes with ribbons at the shoulder. I think it could have been a tad shorter, but it’s okay.ban4

While I was at it, I made a little flower for her hair – a bobby-pin covered with some of the leftover scraps. It’s just petal-shaped pieces, sewn then turned, with a little cotton ball covered with fabric in the middle.American girl doll bandanna dress

The sandals were fun to make. Foam soles, ribbon trimmed with little beads to make a flower shape, and a hair elastic. Quick.American girl doll bandanna dress

One of the easiest dresses I’ve made. I encourage you to try it and let us see what you do!


Designer Inspired: Jacadi Paris

Designed by Jacadi Paris

My inspiration this time: Jacadi Paris. The little yellow and white dress was so cute I had to create my own version.jacadi paris

Here is my version:

American Girl doll dress

My version of Jacadii Paris.

american girl doll dress

I used this Asian vest pattern from Jen Wrenn  as a basis for the bodice, altered a bit of course.
I added the button for color and I just made the skirt part from a pleated rectangle.
Closes in the front using the ribbon tie.

american girl doll dress

The flower head circlet is wrapped wire with little flowers glued on.american girl doll dressamerican girl doll hair accessories

The shoes I made from fused plastic bags.

So what do you think?

More Designer Inspired: Oscar de la Renta

Have you made any Designer Inspired outfits? Would love to see them.