My First Sale & New Oufit

This is what I’ve been working on…

America Girl Doll clothes doll blazer skirt & top
“Haley” is a 3-piece outfit that includes a fully-lined blazer with a floral applique.

The jacket closes in the front with 2 snaps. The buttons are sewn on but they are only decorative.
America Girl Doll clothes doll blazer skirt & top
The matching skirt wraps around and closes in the back with velcro and features a polka dot ribbon trim.
America Girl Doll clothes doll blazer skirt & top
Completing the outfit is a cute little sleeveless top in pink with little brown hearts.

I also made the boots to match (but they are not for sale)

Now available in my Etsy shop here

And….(fanfare please)…I had my first sale! I am so excited and thrilled that someone purchased,  but 3 of my shop items!

I am truly grateful.

Come back to see what else I’m working on. (Or you can just follow me.) Thanks!


American Girl Doll Clothes: New Outfit – “Fiona”

We’re ready for cooler weather!


I just finished this outfit that I have named the “Fiona”. It consists of a hat, jacket, top, pants, leg warmers & boots.
I hand embroidered the little elephant on the shirt.
The jacket has roll collar with a pull cord with little beads. f3
The plants have decorative stitching and elastic waist. I love the little pom pom on the hat and the leg warmers just add that extra something.
Here are all the pieces.
This outfit will be for sale soon in my Etsy shop, which I’ve just opened. I haven’t really announced that yet, so it’s a “soft” opening right now. I want to add a few more things first.
(I’m a nervous wreck with this shop! Yikes! Will people like my stuff? Will they actually buy it? We’ll see).
Edit: This outfit is now for sale in my Etsy shop!


Designing for Dolls: Sophia Tunic & Shorts

Hello, everyone. Today I would like to share with you my Sophia Outfit.


The tunic was made from an upcycled toddler boy’s shirt. The fabric was reeeeealy stretchy, so a little bit of a challenge to work with.

I wanted something with a bit higher neckline, sleeveless and long – a tunic  rather than t-shirt length. I used the existing hem, which I always try to do – saves time and effort and usually looks better than what I can do. Closes with Velcro tabs in the back.

The shorts are bubble shorts, which I just love. There’s something so playful and fun about them. Elastic waist and more elastic on the legs.American Girl doll shorts

Bubble shorts with elastic waist and legs.

I made the shoes from vinyl. They are basically an inner and outer sole covered with vinyl and then vinyl strips make up the rest. I used a bit of Velcro at the ankle for closure.

The headband is just a piece of the tunic fabric stretched big enough to go over her head. Told you it was stretchy.

American Girl doll shoes

Sophia shows off her new shoes

Hope you enjoyed hearing about how I made the Sophia Tunic & Shorts!


Sewing for Dolls: Free Patterns

If you are looking for some patterns to make doll clothes for your American Girl doll and similar 18″ dolls, here is a link to a collection of patterns. I haven’t tried any of these yet because I just found them, but I will!
Just look at all the clothes you can make from this collection. Dresses, jumpers, blouses, vests, pants, culottes, a hat and even a quilt!

Get the free patterns here and check out all the other cool patterns available at Doll Clothes Patterns.

American Girl doll free patterns
Get the patterns.
Found via Karen Mom of Three 


Red White & Blue – A Romper

I wanted to make an outfit for the 4th of July and this is what I came up with. This is Julie wearing a romper I made from my own pattern.american girl doll romper

My biggest challenge was getting the body of the outfit to be full enough. I made 4 mock-ups of this romper before this final version.

The pattern I made is two pieces; a front and back. No elastic in the waist; just cut to fit. The ribbon at the neck runs through a casing at the top and just tied in the back.
i added elastic to the legs.

Also my first attempt at sneakers. Yikes! Back to the drawing board on these! But the family loves the whole outfit and so does Julie.american girl doll romper outfit

american girl doll romper outfitamerican girl doll romper outfit

Seen any cute 4th of July outfits for dolls? Please share!american girl doll romper outfit


“Portraits” – Doll Outfit

american girl doll outfit doll top doll shirt doll pants I had this fabric with pictures of girls on it for a very long time. So I decided to make a little doll outfit.portraits 2

I cut a couple of the “portraits” out of the fabric (thus the name) and appliqued them to the pants to make this a set.

portraits 3Velcro closure in the back of the top and elastic waist pants. Pretty cute, huh?


Altered Sweater and Dress

American girl doll dress doll sweater recycled sweater pink dress

I made this little pink dress and matching sweater outfit earlier this year when it was still cool using a purchased 0-3 months baby sweater.
Have you ever altered a baby sweater for your dolls? This was my first attempt. Let’s just say I learned a lot. Here’s what I did, including some of the things I did wrong.

  • Cut the sleeves off the sweater so I could retain the cuffs.
  • Cut completely around the neck to remove the original neckline. I measured the length so that I could also keep the finished hem of the sweater.
  • I don’t knit or crochet, so I used cotton embroidery floss to sew the sleeves back on.
  • Kept the original buttons on.

Here’s where I got into trouble: american girl doll sweaterThe neckline. No matter how hard I tried to be neat, I just couldn’t get the sewn-back-on neckline to look neat. So I ended up running matching pink ribbon through the seam to hide the “ugly”.american girl doll sweater
I also should have accounted for the top button. The top button should have been at the neck, but instead it ended up below the neck. Hopefully, you can see it in the picture.
The fit ended up being okay, so that’s good. But next time, based on this experience, I will do things differently. Lesson learned.
Here is a picture of the dress as well. Everything turned out great with the dress except that the ribbon trim on the front is not exactly centered.american girl doll dressIt’s still a cute dress. I also made the shoes, some of my first attempts at making shoes. Again – a lot of lessons learned there! american girl doll shoes
I actually made the fabric for the shoes using stiff interfacing that I painted pink to match the dress. I added little bows to the front.  They fit great and stay on the doll’s feet just fine.
So, sewing clothes and shoes for dolls is fun, but challenging and I am learning  lot along the way!