Latest Outfit – “Mina”

Icy blue and so, so soft! Ready for a special occasion!

American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
For this dress, I used a super soft velvet-like fabric. It is very pretty and very soft but a nightmare to work with! Slippery and constantly curling at the edges. But it was worth it. I then added a couple of layers of tulle.
There are two little tulle rosettes on the bodice with little crystals in the center.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
The out fit includes a shawl which can also double as a scarf. Just a little something to throw over her shoulders.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf

American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
I also made a beret from the same fabric. It is lined and also has a tulle rosette & ribbon to match the dress.
Last, but not least, I made the little pumps using a non-woven fabric that I died to match the color of the dress. Three little crystals adorn the toes of the shoes.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
I think Mina is lovely.

If you’re interested, it’s in my shop – here.


Candy Corn Dress – Free Halloween Doll Craft & Pattern

Want to make a cute Candy Corn dress for your American Girl Doll?

American girl doll candy corn dress halloween doll costume

You can make this simple, but cute, Halloween-themed candy corn dress for your dolls with a t-shirt pattern. You can use a pattern you already have, or use this one. Over at Pixie Faire, they’ve provided a full tutorial on how to make this dress (they call it a “quick” craft).

I’m keeping this tutorial to make later. I have several projects I’m working on sewing right now, so this dress will have to wait. Stay tuned to see some new outfits soon!

Candy Corn Dress Tutorial by Pixie Faire
Trendy T-Shirt Pattern by Pixie Faire

Now I’m going to have to go out and get some candy corn!! Love the stuff (especially the ones with the chocolate mixed in).



Designer Inspired: Charabia

The inspiration dress:

Charabia girl's ddress
The Charabia Emilie Dress. The brand is not one I’m very familiar with, but I liked this dress and thought it would be fun to do my own version. I didn’t have the mirrored paillettes like the original, so I used sequins instead.
Here’s my version:
American Girl doll clothes doll dress
Mine is obviously not pink. It’s black linen. I sewed the sequins on one by one. That was the hardest part!
American Girl doll clothes doll dress
The dress closes in the back with a snap.

If you would like to purchase the original Charabia dress it’s on sale for $139.99. It was $239.99, so that’s a bargain, huh?

I love taking a designer outfit and making my own version. When you think about it, that’s where most designs come from – something someone has seen that inspires them. Then they just make it their own, like I did here.

See other “Designer Inspired” outfits:
Designer Inspired: Oscar de la Renta
Designer Inspired: Jacadi Paris

Link to original dress Charabia Emilie Dress.

So, what has inspired you lately?


Oops Files: Pink Sequin Dress

A few weeks ago, I showed you these capris.

American Girl doll clothes capris

These are filed under “Oops Files” because they were planned as one thing (pants) and turned into something else (capris). The “oops” factor was that I made them too short. They are fine as capris – but not what I had planned.

Today, in the Oops Files,  I present this little sheath with sequin bodice and ruffle trim.

American Girl doll clothes doll dress
It’s a cute dress and it looks great on our doll. It’s not going to fall apart or anything, but there are definitely a couple of “oops” here.
First, what I like about the dress. I like that it’s a great fit and very easy to put on and take off. I love the sequin bodice.
American Girl doll clothes
So, where’s the “oops” factor you say?
First of all, it was supposed to be a bubble dress. It has a bubble hem but I didn’t use near enough fabric to make it actually “bubble”. So, now it just kind of looks like there’s something wrong with the hem – if you really look.
Second, the back. I’m not sure how I did it, but somehow in sewing on the Velcro the back got all wonky on me.
American Girl doll clothes
Especially at the bottom.
ARGHHGHH!!!! But as many of us know, we learn so much from our mistakes. So, hopefully, I won’ make pants too short again, I’ll use the right amount of fabric next time, and I’ll figure out how to get the closure to look better while still functioning.

I’m not too embarrassed to share my mistakes! How about you?


Designing for Dolls: Brooke

This is an outfit I made recently – three pieces plus shoes

American Girl doll clothes

.American Girl doll clothes

It consists of a hat, tunic top, capris and shoes. The hat was made from Molly’s rain hat pattern, found here. It’s not lined, just fabric and I added the ribbon and flower. It was the first time I’ve made a hat. It actually didn’t turn out too badly.

American Girl doll clothes

The tunic top is a basic bodice and I added the contrasting panel in the front and contrasting cuffs to the sleeves. The front panel just doesn’t want to lay right for some reason.

The shoes are my favorite part of the outfit. I used an old purse for them and I’m not sure whether they are real leather or not. The material performed like leather – very soft leather. I’m happy with the way they turned out. I made my own pattern for these.American Girl doll clothes

So here’s Brooke modeling the outfit for us.

American Girl doll clothesI’m working on some things that I can sell and I would love your opinions. Please come back and I will have some things to show you!


Designing for Dolls: The Emma Dress

American Girl Doll Dress

I had fun with this dress. I am trying to use up some of the fabric that I have been collecting for quite a while. I try not to buy anything new that I don’t have to. This presents quite a challenge! I do, of course, have to replace my glue sticks, Velcro, and things like that, but otherwise, I try to use or make do with what I already have.

This dress is from fabrics from my stash. It features a halter top and contrasting waist and hem. The little flower at the waist is felt and is pinned on so it can come off when the dress needs to be washed.
The dress closes in the back with two snaps.American Girl Doll Dress

The headband is a girl’s headband that I cut off and I made the little chick out of felt.

American Girl Doll Dress

The little chick is made of felt.

The shoes were actually black vinyl that I painted yellow. This goes back to using what I have. I wanted yellow or orange sandals, but I didn’t have vinyl in either. So I wondered what it would look like to paint the black vinyl I already had. It took about 5 coats, but you can see that they look quite yellow and they did not get stiff like I thought they might from the paint.

Tip: After painting the vinyl yellow, the finish was very flat. So I buffed it (called burnishing) with a piece of felt and it “polished” right up. Here’s “Emma”.

American Girl Doll Dress American Girl Doll Dress