Latest Outfit – “Mina”

Icy blue and so, so soft! Ready for a special occasion!

American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
For this dress, I used a super soft velvet-like fabric. It is very pretty and very soft but a nightmare to work with! Slippery and constantly curling at the edges. But it was worth it. I then added a couple of layers of tulle.
There are two little tulle rosettes on the bodice with little crystals in the center.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
The out fit includes a shawl which can also double as a scarf. Just a little something to throw over her shoulders.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf

American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
I also made a beret from the same fabric. It is lined and also has a tulle rosette & ribbon to match the dress.
Last, but not least, I made the little pumps using a non-woven fabric that I died to match the color of the dress. Three little crystals adorn the toes of the shoes.
American Girl doll clothes doll dress hat shoes and scarf
I think Mina is lovely.

If you’re interested, it’s in my shop – here.


Designer Inspired: Charabia

The inspiration dress:

Charabia girl's ddress
The Charabia Emilie Dress. The brand is not one I’m very familiar with, but I liked this dress and thought it would be fun to do my own version. I didn’t have the mirrored paillettes like the original, so I used sequins instead.
Here’s my version:
American Girl doll clothes doll dress
Mine is obviously not pink. It’s black linen. I sewed the sequins on one by one. That was the hardest part!
American Girl doll clothes doll dress
The dress closes in the back with a snap.

If you would like to purchase the original Charabia dress it’s on sale for $139.99. It was $239.99, so that’s a bargain, huh?

I love taking a designer outfit and making my own version. When you think about it, that’s where most designs come from – something someone has seen that inspires them. Then they just make it their own, like I did here.

See other “Designer Inspired” outfits:
Designer Inspired: Oscar de la Renta
Designer Inspired: Jacadi Paris

Link to original dress Charabia Emilie Dress.

So, what has inspired you lately?


Readers’ Request: Free Pattern Reversible Vest for American Girl Dolls

It’s finally here!

American Girl Doll clothesSome of my followers asked me for the pattern for the Reversible Vest I posted about here. I did not use a pre-made pattern, but rather made my own, which was not in any form that I could share.

But since there was such a demand, I decided to attempt making a pattern that I could share with you.

Keep in mind that I did not take pictures along the way, so you will receive the pattern with written instructions. The pattern is only 3 pieces, so if you are somewhat familiar with sewing you should be okay.

Note: Feel free to use the pattern for your personal use, share this post on your blog, Facebook, ets;, or sell pieces you make from the pattern. If you sell, I would appreciate credit for the pattern. But please do not distribute or sell the pattern itself. You can link back to this post on Doll Things if someone asks you for a copy.

To receive your free pattern:
Sign up to receive Doll Things by email. This is the only way I know of to get the pattern to you. If you’re already an email follower and would like a copy, please leave a comment and I’ll send it along. (Edit – No need to sign up (unless you want to) Just click on the links for pattern and instructions)

Oct 5/2015 – Edit -I have finally figured out how to provide this pattern to anyone who wants it 

Here are the links to the pattern and instructions:

Doll Things Reversible Vest Instructions
Doll Things Reversible Hooded Vest 1
Doll Things Reversible Hooded Vest 2

If you do make a vest with this pattern, please let me know if the directions were easy (or not) to follow, and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see what you do with it!


Readers’ Request – Kanzashi Flower Tutorial from Summer Outfit in Blue & White

Thank you, Doll Things readers, for this suggestion.

One of the most fun parts of making doll clothes is adding the final touches to the outfit.
American Girl doll clothes

Click on the image to enlarge to see the Kanzashi flower up close.

This Summer Outfit in Blue & White (read more about that here if you like) featured a little Kanzashi flower that I made for the bodice of the dress.

Several of you asked for a tutorial on how I made the flower.

Your wish is my command! 🙂

This link will take you to a Youtube instructional video that shows exactly how to make this beautiful flower that can be used on clothing, hats, bags, and even packages. (Note: This is not my video; it’s just a link to one I found.)

Once you get to this page you’ll see there are tons of other videos as well and you might want to look at as some of those.

For my particular flower,
– I did alternating petals in blue & plaid
– Added white satin ribbon – just in a loop
– Added a small white flower with a blue crystal center to the middle of the flower
Everything is sewn on, including the flower, which is no meant to be removed.

Thanks again to my wonderful readers for this suggestion, and I will continue to provide additional information whenever you ask – so please ask! 

(And yes, I’m working on a pattern for the reversible vest)


Designing for Dolls: Reversible Vest/Free Patterns

American Girl Doll Vest

I just finished up this reversible vest made from fleece.

This cute little vest is perfect for the transition from summer to fall; great for Back to School. Sleeveless, for cool – but not hot – weather. With a hood, for when it’s a little windy. This was my first time sewing a hood and it took some trial and error (as always) but I finally got it and I’m happy with the results.

American Girl doll vest

The best part – it’s reversible! Bright, colorful stripes on one side, hot pink on the other. How girly is that?

American Girl doll vest

Want to make a vest for your dolls? I found several free vest patterns for you. One is a no-sew vest, one is an upcycle, and there is also a crochet pattern.
Have fun and I would love to see what you make.

P.S. See how I made the cute little denim skirt here.

Edit – I have made the pattern for this vest available and posted all the info here if you’re interested in getting the pattern.

Here are the links to these free doll vest patterns 

American Girl doll vest free patterns

1. No Sew Vest from 18 Inch Doll Clothes
2. Crochet Vest from Red Heart
3. Brownie Scout Uniform Vest  from Bear, Dolly & Moi
4. Quilted Ruffle Vest  by A Doll for All Seasons (scroll down the page to see how she made this)

Edit – Here is the link to the Doll Things post for my Reversible Hooded Vest pattern as shown above.


Free Doll Clothes Patterns & Back to School Outfit

In a recent post, I provided a link to some great free patterns.

American Girl doll outfit back to school

One of my followers left me a comment in that post reminding me of some other free patterns. American Girl doll dress patternsThese are a set of patterns originally provided by The Pleasant Company. I’m sure most of you who sew for dolls probably have these but I thought I would post it anyway just in case you don’t.

(By the way, thanks to AG Playthings for providing these.)

The nice thing about these is that they can be used as they are or adapted. For example, I used the Molly blouse pattern for the  Oscar de la Renta-inspired outfit shown here.

American Girl doll Molly blouse

For the back-to-school outfit, I used the same pattern, but I rounded the pointed collar to make it into a Peter Pan collar. I cut the front placket shorter and added a ruffle to either side. I also made covered buttons to match the skirt.
The other thing I did was to use a straight sleeve instead of the puffy one that came with the pattern. I thought the straight sleeve gave it a more modern look. Here is the result:

American Girl doll blouse back to school

So this is just one example of how you can use these patterns, or any existing pattern, to give it a totally different look.

Are your girls getting ready to go back to school? Also, thanks to Brenda & Sophie from The Savage Dolls for the reminder. This is why I love comments. 🙂

Edit: Just to make it easier for everyone, here are the links to both sets of patterns:


Designing for Dolls: How to Make a Bow-Sleeve Tee & Free Pattern

In Designing for Dolls/Part 1 we looked at 5 ways to customize your doll clothes. This included actually customizing your fabric with glue resist and paint.
In Designing for Dolls/Part 2 we looked at 3 more ways.

Today, I would like to share a simple way to customize a basic tee. This tutorial, from Pixie Faire, shows you how to take the Liberty Jane Trendy T-Shirt pattern and add a cute little bow sleeve. This is a quick and easy way to make your plain t-shirt into something with a little more interest and character.

American Girl doll bow sleeve t-shirt
Is this something you think you would like to try? Here are the links:
Tutorial: How to Make a Bow Sleeve Tee
Free pattern for the Liberty Jane
Trendy T-Shirt
Pixie Faire