American Girl Doll Clothes: New Outfit – “Fiona”

We’re ready for cooler weather!


I just finished this outfit that I have named the “Fiona”. It consists of a hat, jacket, top, pants, leg warmers & boots.
I hand embroidered the little elephant on the shirt.
The jacket has roll collar with a pull cord with little beads. f3
The plants have decorative stitching and elastic waist. I love the little pom pom on the hat and the leg warmers just add that extra something.
Here are all the pieces.
This outfit will be for sale soon in my Etsy shop, which I’ve just opened. I haven’t really announced that yet, so it’s a “soft” opening right now. I want to add a few more things first.
(I’m a nervous wreck with this shop! Yikes! Will people like my stuff? Will they actually buy it? We’ll see).
Edit: This outfit is now for sale in my Etsy shop!


Free Halloween Origami Paper

Isn’t this paper for Halloween the cutest?

It was provided for free from Zakka Life.
What could we make with this? How about some Halloween treat bags?

Or how about this witch’s hat from Activity Village?

I’m sure there are loads of things you can make! What will you make?

Printable origami paper from Zakka Life
Witch’s hat from Activity Village


Dollhouse Decorating for Halloween

Want some great ideas for decorating your American Girl dollhouse for Halloween?

American Girl Dollhouse HalloweenAmerican Girl Dollhouse HalloweenAmerican Girl Dollhouse Halloween
Head over to The Savage Dolls and check out their fun Halloween decorating ideas for their dollhouse. They did a great job and I’m anxious to try some of these in our dollhouse, which is still a work in progress.
If you have some ideas for dollhouse decorating, please share with us.

The Savage Dolls: Decorating for Halloween!.


Let’s Make a Halloween Necklace for American Girl Dolls

Want to make this cute Halloween-themed bead and tassel necklace for your doll?

DIY American Girl doll necklace for HalloweenI got the idea for this necklace from this post on A Pretty Cool Life. To make it doll-sized, here’s what I did:

DIY American Girl doll necklace for HalloweenFor supplies, I used
– Elastic jewelry cording
– Floss
– Beads
– A piece of cardboard (to make the tassel)
– Scissors (not shown)
I followed the tutorial with a few changes to scale it down to doll size.

Here’s how:

  • Cut a piece of elastic cording about 12″
  • Make the tassel with floss (instead of yarn, which is too thick)
  • I used a piece of cardboard about 2-1/4″ inches long and wrapped the floss about 25 times to make the tassel.
  • String the beads and tie the tassel onto the elastic cording
  • Wrap the necklace around the doll’s neck to hang at the right length
  • Tie off the elastic in the back; cut off excess.
  • Before I cut the elastic I made sure the finished piece would stretch over the doll’s head

DIY American Girl doll necklace for Halloween

And that’s it. Super easy and super cute!

You could make this in any color combination you want. I used orange, purple and black for Halloween, but you could change this up to match any outfit or theme.

A Pretty Cool Life –  DIY Halloween Tassel & Charm Necklaces


Candy Corn Dress – Free Halloween Doll Craft & Pattern

Want to make a cute Candy Corn dress for your American Girl Doll?

American girl doll candy corn dress halloween doll costume

You can make this simple, but cute, Halloween-themed candy corn dress for your dolls with a t-shirt pattern. You can use a pattern you already have, or use this one. Over at Pixie Faire, they’ve provided a full tutorial on how to make this dress (they call it a “quick” craft).

I’m keeping this tutorial to make later. I have several projects I’m working on sewing right now, so this dress will have to wait. Stay tuned to see some new outfits soon!

Candy Corn Dress Tutorial by Pixie Faire
Trendy T-Shirt Pattern by Pixie Faire

Now I’m going to have to go out and get some candy corn!! Love the stuff (especially the ones with the chocolate mixed in).



Halloween Countdown House {Free Download} from Kiki & Company

It’s October 1st! Time to start counting down to Halloween!

Here’s a super fun way to start the countdown. The little ones are always asking, “How many days til…”. So this should help. And it’s AG sized (sort of) so we’re going to put this where our doll can help us count the days.Halloween haunted house Halloween countdown free printable

This is a free printable kindly provided by Kiki & Company. Check out the rest of their Halloween-themed fun while you’re there.


Outfits for American Girl Dolls: “The Anne” Overalls with T- Shirt & Necklace

Available first to Doll Things readers:

American Girl doll clothes
I am planning to open an online store in the near future and will offer my handmade items for sale.
But first – I am offering the exclusive opportunity to purchase this outfit to my Doll Things readers.

“The Anne” outfit includes:

  • Tie-dyed shortalls (short overalls). The shorts feature cuffs that are sewn down so they don’t come unrolled. Straps cross in the back and are attached in front with Velcro. The fun flower-shaped buttons are non-working.American Girl doll clothesAmerican Girl doll clothes
  • Custom tie-died (by me) long-sleeve cotton t-shirt. Shirt closes in the back with Velcro, and can be worn with many other outfits due to the mixture of colors.American Girl doll clothes
  • Peace sign pendant necklace. The metal pendant is attached to a satin ribbon which ties in the back.American Girl doll clothes
  • Optional strappy green sandals. Cute cute! The straps cross in the front and use a small piece of Velcro to hold. Flower-shaped beads dress up the front of the sandals. (Note: the beads are glued on well, but will probably come off if pulled on hard enough. Not recommended for very small children)American Girl doll clothes doll sandals doll shoes

    All items are designed and handmade by me (except the peace sign pendant) and this outfit is one of a kind.
    Due to the small parts of this outfit, it is not recommended for small children

Doll not included.

If you are interested in purchasing the outfit, please contact me via email at:
dawnnewsome at yahoo .com, or leave a comment.. Shipping costs will vary, but should be less than $4 (to US). I can accept payment via Paypal at this time.

The outfit is for sale to any Doll Things reader for a short period of time, then if it’s not sold, I will offer it for sale to the public.

Please tell me what you think!  This is my first “for sale” item, guys.

Edit: This outfit is now for sale in my Etsy shop!