Let’s Make a Halloween Necklace for American Girl Dolls

Want to make this cute Halloween-themed bead and tassel necklace for your doll?

DIY American Girl doll necklace for HalloweenI got the idea for this necklace from this post on A Pretty Cool Life. To make it doll-sized, here’s what I did:

DIY American Girl doll necklace for HalloweenFor supplies, I used
– Elastic jewelry cording
– Floss
– Beads
– A piece of cardboard (to make the tassel)
– Scissors (not shown)
I followed the tutorial with a few changes to scale it down to doll size.

Here’s how:

  • Cut a piece of elastic cording about 12″
  • Make the tassel with floss (instead of yarn, which is too thick)
  • I used a piece of cardboard about 2-1/4″ inches long and wrapped the floss about 25 times to make the tassel.
  • String the beads and tie the tassel onto the elastic cording
  • Wrap the necklace around the doll’s neck to hang at the right length
  • Tie off the elastic in the back; cut off excess.
  • Before I cut the elastic I made sure the finished piece would stretch over the doll’s head

DIY American Girl doll necklace for Halloween

And that’s it. Super easy and super cute!

You could make this in any color combination you want. I used orange, purple and black for Halloween, but you could change this up to match any outfit or theme.

A Pretty Cool Life –  DIY Halloween Tassel & Charm Necklaces


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