Designer Inspired: Charabia

The inspiration dress:

Charabia girl's ddress
The Charabia Emilie Dress. The brand is not one I’m very familiar with, but I liked this dress and thought it would be fun to do my own version. I didn’t have the mirrored paillettes like the original, so I used sequins instead.
Here’s my version:
American Girl doll clothes doll dress
Mine is obviously not pink. It’s black linen. I sewed the sequins on one by one. That was the hardest part!
American Girl doll clothes doll dress
The dress closes in the back with a snap.

If you would like to purchase the original Charabia dress it’s on sale for $139.99. It was $239.99, so that’s a bargain, huh?

I love taking a designer outfit and making my own version. When you think about it, that’s where most designs come from – something someone has seen that inspires them. Then they just make it their own, like I did here.

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Link to original dress Charabia Emilie Dress.

So, what has inspired you lately?


I love hearing from you, so please feel free to comment.

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