Designing for Dolls: Reversible Vest/Free Patterns

American Girl Doll Vest

I just finished up this reversible vest made from fleece.

This cute little vest is perfect for the transition from summer to fall; great for Back to School. Sleeveless, for cool – but not hot – weather. With a hood, for when it’s a little windy. This was my first time sewing a hood and it took some trial and error (as always) but I finally got it and I’m happy with the results.

American Girl doll vest

The best part – it’s reversible! Bright, colorful stripes on one side, hot pink on the other. How girly is that?

American Girl doll vest

Want to make a vest for your dolls? I found several free vest patterns for you. One is a no-sew vest, one is an upcycle, and there is also a crochet pattern.
Have fun and I would love to see what you make.

P.S. See how I made the cute little denim skirt here.

Edit – I have made the pattern for this vest available and posted all the info here if you’re interested in getting the pattern.

Here are the links to these free doll vest patterns 

American Girl doll vest free patterns

1. No Sew Vest from 18 Inch Doll Clothes
2. Crochet Vest from Red Heart
3. Brownie Scout Uniform Vest  from Bear, Dolly & Moi
4. Quilted Ruffle Vest  by A Doll for All Seasons (scroll down the page to see how she made this)

Edit – Here is the link to the Doll Things post for my Reversible Hooded Vest pattern as shown above.


6 thoughts on “Designing for Dolls: Reversible Vest/Free Patterns

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    • Hi, Deb.
      I did not include the pattern for the reversible vest because it was one I made up myself. I did link to several others. With that said, I’ve had a couple people ask for this pattern, so I am going to try to see if I can somehow make it available. Thanks for asking – no sure how I can let you know when it’s available…maybe if you follow my blog you’ll see it in the near future.
      – Dawn


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