Designing for Dolls: The Emma Dress

American Girl Doll Dress

I had fun with this dress. I am trying to use up some of the fabric that I have been collecting for quite a while. I try not to buy anything new that I don’t have to. This presents quite a challenge! I do, of course, have to replace my glue sticks, Velcro, and things like that, but otherwise, I try to use or make do with what I already have.

This dress is from fabrics from my stash. It features a halter top and contrasting waist and hem. The little flower at the waist is felt and is pinned on so it can come off when the dress needs to be washed.
The dress closes in the back with two snaps.American Girl Doll Dress

The headband is a girl’s headband that I cut off and I made the little chick out of felt.

American Girl Doll Dress

The little chick is made of felt.

The shoes were actually black vinyl that I painted yellow. This goes back to using what I have. I wanted yellow or orange sandals, but I didn’t have vinyl in either. So I wondered what it would look like to paint the black vinyl I already had. It took about 5 coats, but you can see that they look quite yellow and they did not get stiff like I thought they might from the paint.

Tip: After painting the vinyl yellow, the finish was very flat. So I buffed it (called burnishing) with a piece of felt and it “polished” right up. Here’s “Emma”.

American Girl Doll Dress American Girl Doll Dress


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