Designing for Dolls: Sophia Tunic & Shorts

Hello, everyone. Today I would like to share with you my Sophia Outfit.


The tunic was made from an upcycled toddler boy’s shirt. The fabric was reeeeealy stretchy, so a little bit of a challenge to work with.

I wanted something with a bit higher neckline, sleeveless and long – a tunic  rather than t-shirt length. I used the existing hem, which I always try to do – saves time and effort and usually looks better than what I can do. Closes with Velcro tabs in the back.

The shorts are bubble shorts, which I just love. There’s something so playful and fun about them. Elastic waist and more elastic on the legs.American Girl doll shorts

Bubble shorts with elastic waist and legs.

I made the shoes from vinyl. They are basically an inner and outer sole covered with vinyl and then vinyl strips make up the rest. I used a bit of Velcro at the ankle for closure.

The headband is just a piece of the tunic fabric stretched big enough to go over her head. Told you it was stretchy.

American Girl doll shoes

Sophia shows off her new shoes

Hope you enjoyed hearing about how I made the Sophia Tunic & Shorts!


5 thoughts on “Designing for Dolls: Sophia Tunic & Shorts

    • LOL. I was wondering if anyone was going to ask about those, Clara. They are really pink and yellow sunglasses from another set. I covered them with a silver metallic clay just for the photos. But I didn’t bake the clay. I just peeled it off after I took pictures.

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    • Sorry, I don’t have patterns for sale. I am considering the possibility of doing that at some point, but just not sure yet if I’m there yet. Thanks for asking; it’s good to know there’s interest.


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