WIP: Doll Space/Dollhouse – Part 2

Dollhouse Update

In this previous post,  you saw how the space looked under the loft bed. This is the space we’ll be using to make our doll’s house.

american girl dollhouse

The original space under the loft bed

I wanted to separate the area into “rooms” , however you still have to be able to step in there to move around, so it presents some challenges.

So, here is the space so far. Remember, it’s a work in progress, so there are still things that need to be done, but I did promise an update.

For the walls, I used foam board and cardboard covered with wrapping paper. I used spray adhesive to attach the paper.

Our girl is wearing the apron and kitty slippers I made for her. Isn’t she cute first thing in the morning? She fussed at me for taking her picture because she said her hair was a mess. I think she looks lovely.

American Girl dollhouse kitchen

The “table and chairs” as well as the stove/sink are just cardboard boxes for now. But we’ll be doing furniture later.
The cabinet is a wooden shelf thing that I bought a long time ago. Debating whether to paint it. The sign (on the top shelf) is just a piece of cardboard that I spray painted with chalkboard paint. The light is a little book light.

Dollhouse kitchen

More pictures:

dollhouse bedroom

The “loft” bedroom

The bed has been moved up so now we have a fancy “loft” bedroom. I made a beaded curtain to separate the bedroom from the living area. The little lights over the bed are battery operated. I bought them on sale at 75% off after Easter (I think at CVS).
I will be hanging a tension rod in the dresser to hang clothes.

American Girl dollhouse

Loft bedroom with beaded curtain separating spaces

American Girl dollhouse bedroom

Another view of the loft

Back to the kitchen. I’m still working on the refrigerator, but it’s almost done. Remember, it started out as a cardboard box. There is a vegetable drawer and freezer drawer that pull out. I still need to add another coat of paint or two to the fridge and the handles.
The stove/sink is still a box for now, but that’s how they start out, you know.

American girl dollhouse refrigerator

Refrigerator – still need to add another coat of paint.

American Girl dollhouse doll referigerator

Showing the refrigerator with veggie drawer and freezer drawer open.

Dollhouse furniture

The stove and sink are just a cardboard box – for now.

So that’s it for now. What do you think? Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “WIP: Doll Space/Dollhouse – Part 2

  1. This is such a great use of the space beneath the loft! I love it! Also I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes extensive use of cardboard for doll things. Cardboard and foam core are just SO useful! 🙂


    • Thanks, Tes. I make a very conscious effort to use and reuse items I already have. You can do SO much with cardboard. If you think about it, it IS actually wood. Anyway, thank you for your comment.


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