Shopping for American Girl Dolls: Etsy Fave

American Girl doll clothes

I used to sell baby clothes on Etsy years ago. I was there almost from the beginning and I have watched the site grow so much! When I first started, I had to tell everyone what Etsy was; few had heard of it. Now it’s pretty familiar to almost anyone who uses the internet.

So, I’d like to continue to support Etsy at this point by recognizing some shops that feature items for American Girl dolls and other similar 18″ dolls.

Today’s Etsy fave shop: Dream Doll Clothingby Susan Hinton of Fayetteville AR
Susan sells really, really cute doll clothes for really, really good prices. She sells dresses:

Sleeveless Party Dress $13

Outfits like this one

Sweater Skirt Top Sneakers Outfit $12

Nightgowns and pajamas, like this

Flannel Plaid Pajamas $12

and lots more! Aren’t these adorable?
Please consider shopping at Etsy to support independent sellers. You can still find a LOT of handmade items there, like these. 

What’s your favorite Etsy shop?

Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing this shop nor am I receiving any type of compensation for mentioning this shop here.


I love hearing from you, so please feel free to comment.

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