Let’s Make an American Girl Doll Sized Lamp

American Girl Doll LampI had an empty spool from some ribbon and thought it would make a great drum pendant lamp for our doll’s room.

I’ll show you how I made mine, but there are lots of options for finishing your lamp; this is just one!


  • Empty spool
  • Battery operated light
  • Thin, flexible wire
  • Chain
  • Paint/paint brush
  • Awl
  • Glue

American Girl Doll Lamp

Start by deciding how you want to finish your lamp. I wanted to punch holes in mine for the light to shine through and I wanted to paint it.


I started by trimming one end so it would be even with the spool. I removed the other end completely..

American Girl Doll Lamp

Next, I sketched out a design. I chose concentric circles.

American Girl Doll Lamp

Then I used my little awl to punch holes along the sketched lines. You can use anything that will punch a hole – a nail, pin, etc.

American Girl Doll Lamp

Paint – 2 or 3 coats, on the outside; until you get good coverage. I only painted one coat on the inside.

American Girl Doll Lamp

Cut a piece of wire – about 10″ or so and wrap a couple of times around the base of the light


Twist the ends of the 3 pieces together and make a loop.

American Girl Doll Lamp

Run each piece under the wires at the base of the lamp; turn the piece of wire back on itself then wrap/twist the ends

American Girl Doll Lamp

Run the whole wire/light thingy through the hole in the spool. Hang the loop onto the chain then close the loop.

American Girl Doll Lamp

Your lamp is ready to hang!

American Girl Doll Lamp

Here’s a photo of what it looks like lit up at night

There are so many options for finishing this same lamp using an empty spool!

  • Cover with pretty paper
  • Wrap with ribbon
  • Paint it metallic
  • Wrap string or jute around the drum
  • Paint a picture on the drum
  • Add stickers or decals
  • What are your ideas!!??

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