WIP: Doll Space/Dollhouse

As anyone with dolls knows, you have to have a place to keep all their stuff! The question: How can I keep all these dolls’ things neatly and orderly and still readily accessible for an (almost) 8 year old?

So here’s what I came up with. My granddaughter, Madison, has a loft bed and we have been keeping most of her doll’s stuff under her bed, along with some other things. She also has Barbies, Lalaloopsies, Blythe and a few others. Those are not included in this part of the room – just 18″ dolls.

So I’m working on some ideas for this space under her bed:american girl dollhouseAs you can see, we hung a rod on one end for hanging clothes. The bed is wood and is very old but fits and we love it.
Should we paint it?

The wallpaper is just wrapping paper I stuck up there.

I made the shoe rack (on the floor) from an AG doll box.  There is a dresser and some lights. That’s about it.

My first task is to figure out what furniture we want and where we’ll put it. I started by just getting different sized cardboard boxes and placing them around to see how things fit. She still has to be able to get in there and move around, so I can’t fill ALL the space.

I’m starting with the kitchen and here is the box I’ll be using to make a refrigerator:fridge1 fridge2  She also has this seat that she can attach to her bike but has never done that. It’s really cute, so I think I’ll be doing something with this.chair1 Lots of planning and imagining. I want to have some things ready for her birthday on July 10 so I have to get busy.
Hope you’ll follow along and if you have any ideas for this space, please pass them along!


3 thoughts on “WIP: Doll Space/Dollhouse

  1. I will be following eagerly! This is a hot issue for us. It makes me crazy to see expensive doll items here there and everywhere! Then again, I have to ask myself who bought all the stuff in the first place.
    One successful initiative here is I have a small clear shoebox where I keep delicate AG items, like Addy’s straw bonnet. Those are in my closet, safe, yet accessible.


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