Let’s Make an AG Doll Sized Wooden Flag for Independence Day!

american girl doll craft american flagJust in time for Independence day, here’s a fun doll craft that you can make with things you probably already have.

Julie and I wanted to make a “distressed” flag that would look like the people-sized pallet wood flags, using reclaimed wood. So this is what we came up with and here’s what we did:


  • Big wood craft sticks – we always called these tongue depressors 🙂
  • Regular wood craft sticks – like the ones in Popsicles
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Paint & paintbrush
  • Knife or saw
  • Pencil
  • Glue (not shown)
  • Sanding block or sandpaper
  • Star template (optional)

american girl doll craft american flag
Line up 6 large sticks and mark a straight line as a guide to where you’ll be cutting off the curves at the ends of the sticks.
Optional: Leave these on.american girl doll craft american flag

You can use a saw or other cutting method, but I just score the sticks on both sides with a knife, and then just pop the ends off. Just apply a little pressure to where the scoring is and they should pop right off.
Sand the ends of any roughness. Sand the corners so they look more “worn” and less sharp.flag4

Your sticks probably look better on one side than the other. Line up the 6 cut sticks, good side down, leaving a tiny bit of space between them. This will make them look more like separate pieces of wood in the final stage. You can choose to put them tightly together and you’ll get a look that hardly shows the space between the sticks and will look more like a solid object than separate pieces. You decide.

Apply the “support” pieces. These are the 2 smaller craft sticks. Glue them down so that they cover all the 6 pieces. My sticks were a little long so I cut off the ends. These will be on the back so they won’t show. This is what is going to hold the sticks together.craft sticks

Time to paint!
Paint the whole thing white; let dry. Lightly sand.flag5

Mark your box in the upper left corner where your blue background and star will be. Now paint everything except the box area a second coat of white. Let dry.flag6

Use a template, stencil, or freehand a star where you want it to be. Doing all the stars was a bit ambitious for me, so I used one big star; you use what you like.

Paint just the star area white; doesn’t have to be perfect.

Paint the blue background around the star.

Paint 2 coats of red stripes; every other stick. flag7

Distress and Sand!
I used my knife and scored a bunch of lines going with the grain of the sticks. I thought this gave them a more aged look.
Then I sanded and sanded and sanded the whole thing.

Finished! Julie loves it and I think it turned out pretty cute and true to what the big ones look like.

To see more of Julie’s outfit, click here.

Have you seen other doll crafts for the 4th of July? Please share!

american girl doll flag craft

Julie shows off her distressed American Flag



I love hearing from you, so please feel free to comment.

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