Altered Sweater and Dress

American girl doll dress doll sweater recycled sweater pink dress

I made this little pink dress and matching sweater outfit earlier this year when it was still cool using a purchased 0-3 months baby sweater.
Have you ever altered a baby sweater for your dolls? This was my first attempt. Let’s just say I learned a lot. Here’s what I did, including some of the things I did wrong.

  • Cut the sleeves off the sweater so I could retain the cuffs.
  • Cut completely around the neck to remove the original neckline. I measured the length so that I could also keep the finished hem of the sweater.
  • I don’t knit or crochet, so I used cotton embroidery floss to sew the sleeves back on.
  • Kept the original buttons on.

Here’s where I got into trouble: american girl doll sweaterThe neckline. No matter how hard I tried to be neat, I just couldn’t get the sewn-back-on neckline to look neat. So I ended up running matching pink ribbon through the seam to hide the “ugly”.american girl doll sweater
I also should have accounted for the top button. The top button should have been at the neck, but instead it ended up below the neck. Hopefully, you can see it in the picture.
The fit ended up being okay, so that’s good. But next time, based on this experience, I will do things differently. Lesson learned.
Here is a picture of the dress as well. Everything turned out great with the dress except that the ribbon trim on the front is not exactly centered.american girl doll dressIt’s still a cute dress. I also made the shoes, some of my first attempts at making shoes. Again – a lot of lessons learned there! american girl doll shoes
I actually made the fabric for the shoes using stiff interfacing that I painted pink to match the dress. I added little bows to the front.  They fit great and stay on the doll’s feet just fine.
So, sewing clothes and shoes for dolls is fun, but challenging and I am learning  lot along the way!


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