Summer Outfit in Blue & White

This is an outfit that I made a while back. I used a basic t-shirt pattern for the top but added the ruffled cuff and the floral embellishment.american girl doll outfit doll top doll skirt
For the skirt, I just measured the fabric to the size I wanted and used two upcycled men’s shirts for the fabric.
I made the sandals from linen using my own pattern. Upcoming tutorial on how to make a shoe pattern…stay tuned.

 american girl doll doll skirt doll top

The little flower on the top is called a kanzashi flower. It was fun to make. As you can see I used both of the skirt fabrics so it would all coordinate. Would you like to see a tutorial on how to make the kanzashi flower?


5 thoughts on “Summer Outfit in Blue & White

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