Doll Things – Up and running

Welcome! I’m just getting started here and hope you’ll follow along with me as I talk about and share Doll Things. Mostly 18″ dolls; mostly American Girl Dolls. I make outfits, shoes and accessories, and other crafty things relating to dolls – with some other fun things along the way. Let’s get started!

American Girl Doll dress

The first doll dress I ever made.

This is the first dress I ever made for a doll. It was a girl’s top that I altered. I added some lace here and there and it’s okay, but not something I’m super proud of. Just showing you this because it was “where it all started”. See the bunny slippers? More on those later.

What was the first thing you ever made for a doll?


2 thoughts on “Doll Things – Up and running

  1. The dress looks alright to me, I like repurposing baby/childrens clothes as well, I think you did very well. I really like the slippers too, keen to know how you made them.
    I think the first thing I made for a doll was a little blue sleeveless dress for a baby doll called Donna who had one hand and no eye lashes (well loved), I think it was more my mum than me, but she did let me sew a seam using her machine.


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